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The maid of honor, mother of the bride, and bridesmaids are responsible for making sure the bride-to-be gets good and drunk at the bachelorette party, yet prevent her from doing anything that gets the whole wedding cancelled. To accentuate her important position, each member of the bridal party should get her own shirt identifying her status. Then, when she dives between the bride and some guy trying to get her phone number, people won’t think she’s just some jealous freak.

maid of honor shirt

She’s the maid of honor and has the shirt to prove it. But she’s a nice maid of honor, not one of the mean ones you see causing trouble in the movies or on reality TV shows. This maid of honor wears a cute T-shirt with pink lettering and flowers arranged in sort of a bouquet design. Very sweet.

maid of honor black shirt

The black maid of honor shirt tells everyone, including the guys at the bar: “I’m here to make sure that the slutty bride has a good time, but not too good of a time. But I’m also here to get hit on by cute guys. Not by you, of course. You’re kind of gross. But if you have any good looking friends, send ‘em over. In the meantime, buy me a drink.”

maid of honor pink shirt

I don’t always carry a penis water gun, but when I do, I’m wearing a hot pink maid of honor shirt. They just go together for some reason. If you want to get a closer look at what it says on the front of my shirt, you had better be prepared to take a shot in the eye and to bring me a cold beer.

mother of the bride shirt

Mother of the bride shirts are for self-assured older women who don’t want to be mistaken for the young floozies throwing themselves at everything with pants. The same goes for matron of honor apparel. Just remember, you also have the option of wearing the generic bachelorette shirts that leave your exact status open to spin and orientation.

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