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Bachelorette party participants who don’t have official wedding party status should not be treated as second classers. Just because the old friend was edged out as maid of honor by the bride’s sister doesn’t mean that the friend won’t be the true spark plug who makes the bachelorette party memorable. So don’t skimp on the party wear for the rest all the bachelorettes at the party. Here are some of the shirts that will make them feel appreciated.

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Generic “Bachelorette” and “Bachelorette Party” shirts will identify guests as official members of the party in any public gathering. In fact, the maid of honor or even the bride herself may prefer to go incognito for awhile with one of these. Plus it is easy to match the style of shirts you have chosen for the wedding party people.

husband beater shirt

Wearing a bachelorette husband beater is an ironic turnaround on the so-called wifebeater shirts worn by perps on episodes of COPS. These no-arms, thin shoulder strap undershirts have a 1950s look and feel that will make you squint when you talk and use outmoded slang terms with a Brooklyn accent. The shirt’s manufacturer has helpfully added the words “Husband Beater” on the front to help men and other slow thinkers get the joke more quickly. Any woman who chooses to wear a husband beater should take a good look at herself in the mirror and ask such questions as: Do I really look like I could kick a man’s ass, thus losing some of the impact of the sarcasm I’m going for? Would it be better if I didn’t make the scary face that the model is making in the husband beater photo?

bachelorette last night out shirt

The Bachelorette’s Last Night Out! Shirt is for party people who really want to involve strange men in the fun. It’s a checklist of dares that the men can complete and then mark “done” on the shirt itself. These dares are not to be worn by introverts, unless they’re ready to come out of their shells. Dares include:
  • Boxers…briefs…or nothing at all? Prove it!
  • Time for body shots! You do me… I’ll do you!
  • Hand over your boxer shorts! No skidmarks please!
  • Tell me your ultimate sexual fantasy.
  • Got condoms? If so, blow one up for me!
  • Buy me a drink… I think I could use one.
  • Flash me a naughty body part!
  • Grab some friends, we’ll all dance together.
  • Describe to me just how big you REALLY are!
  • Got advice for the “perfect” marriage? Just write it on the back of my shirt!

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Bachelorette Party Fashion for the Bride
Bachelorette Party Fashion for the Bridal Party

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